Wu FitI regularly receive emails from readers wanting to know if it's possible to buy a Wii Balance Board without having to buy Wii Fit. Up until now, the answer has always been the same - no. But that's all changed thanks to Wu Fit, an actual working Wii Balance Board copy (it was only a matter of time).

Now I have to say I was a little sceptical when I first saw news of this on the web but after some investigation, it looks like it really is the real deal. In fact there's already a video review on YouTube. Getting your hands on one may prove to be tricky at the moment but they seem to be distributed by a wholesaler based in China so expect to see them appearing on eBay soon.

And as with any copycat device, it's buyer beware. There's no guarantee that it will be 100% compatible with all balance board games and then there's the question of warranty if it breaks.

Oh and in case you were wondering, it doesn't ship with the Wii Fit game itself which is fine if you only want to play other Wiiboard compatible games. If you want to try out the actual Wii Fit games you'll have to borrow a disk from a friend. But here's a handy tip - if all you want to do in Wii Fit is regular body tests to track your weight and you can borrow a disk, simply install the Wii Fit channel on your console. Then you can continue to do the body tests without needing the disk.