EA Boogie Superstar EA Games has just confirmed the release of Boogie Superstar in the US and Europe for October this year but there was no specific mention of support for the Wii Balance Board. According to the press release, "Girls will have a blast belting their favorite tunes into the microphone, and performing real dance moves that are captured on screen using the Wii’s motion-sensing technology".

Wii Board followers will most probably recall that rumours of a balance board compatible release of EA Boogie, initially titled EA Boogie II, have been doing the rounds for some time. Earlier this year, UK NGamer magazine broke the news that the game would actually be titled Boogie Superstar and that it would be balance board compatible. The latest press release doesn't specifically confirm anything although it did say that the game's featured artist is a chart-topping global music sensation who will help promote the game. Maybe she's brushing up on her balance board skills in preparation for a big launch at E3 next month?

Update: Well it looks like despite previous rumours, we can officially scratch Boogie Superstar off the Wii Balance Board Games List. I got in touch with EA Games and asked about balance board support and here's what they had to say:

"Boogie SuperStar will not include game play on the Wii balance board. The game will utilize a microphone peripheral for singing and the Wii Remote's motion-sensing technology for dancing, to provide players with a realistic and enjoyable performing experience."