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Wii Balance Board FAQs

Is there a maximum weight limit for the Wii Balance Board?
Yes, the Japanese release of Wii Fit recommends a maximum weight of 136kg (300lbs). The UK/US/AUS versions support up to 150kg (330lbs).

Can you use multiple Wii Balance Boards at the same time?
No, according to the official Wii Fit site, only one Wii Board can be synchronised with the Wii console at any time.

Will the Wii Balance Board work on a carpet?
The Wii Balance Board should work fine on most carpets although there have been reports that on thick carpets you can accidentally hit the power switch on the back of the board. If you do experience this problem you could consider getting a Wii Fit Exercise Mat. Nintendo also offer Wii Board foot extensions.

Can you get a rechargeable battery pack for the Wii Balance Board?
Yes, have a look at the post Wii Board Rechargeable Battery Pack for the latest information.

What it the Wii Balance Board's battery life?
The Wii Board uses 4 AA batteries which will last about 60 hours under normal conditions when using alkaline batteries.

What is the weight and dimensions of the Wii Balance Board?
The Wii Board weighs 3.5kg (approx. 8lb) without batteries. The dimensions of the board are 511mm (20.1in) wide by 316mm (12.4in) long by 53.2mm (2.1 in) thick.

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