With just a month to go before the release of EA Sports Active it seems that the game's position as best new Wii Fitness title may be short-lived. A new title from Black Bean Games called New You: Inside Out looks set to trump EA's offering.

New You

So what's so great about New You? While EA Sports Active focuses primarily on training, New You aims to provide a more complete package combining fitness with nutritional advice and daily health tips. And this is no half-hearted attempt either. New You was developed in collaboration with Fitness First, one of the largest health and fitness operators in the world.

The game features six in-game personal trainers using real video footage from several workout locations and each of the exercises which make up a Full-Body workout are demonstrated by one of Fitness First's leading Personal Trainers.

The game also features content from the well known You Are What You Eat series. Users will be able to choose a particular lifestyle goal and the game will create custom exercise and nutritional plans using recipes that complement physical exercises, whether you're trying to put on muscle or lose weight. The game even takes into consideration special requirements such as vegetarian or gluten intolerant diets.

According to Fabrizio Vagliasindi, Black Bean Games Head of Marketing, "NewU is not a game; it has been conceived as an interactive healthy lifestyle and workout video for the 21st century."

I have to say, by the sounds of this game I have to agree. I personally was looking forward to the release of EA Sports Active and will no doubt give it a try to see what it's like, but the way things stand it looks like New You: Inside Out is the fitness title to really watch out for. New You: Inside Out should hit the shelves this September.